Saturday, January 9, 2010

I guess I should blog or something

Sorry for the lack of blog posts people. Sometimes I forget I have even have a blog! For those of you who don't know me I thought I would spend this blog post just telling a little bit about me! I have lived in British Columbia 6 years now! I came out to B.C. thinking that I would do 4 years at Trinity Western University and then work in a church somewhere as a youth pastor. It is funny how often when you have a set plan in mind, God decides to change it up.

After two years at Trinity, like most students who aren't trust fund babies, I was completely broke. Not knowing what to do I randomly asked a church in Maple Ridge if I could volunteer with the youth group while I figured out what the crap to do with my life.

After volunteering for a year with the youth group I was hired on as a part time student ministries intern. There is this awesome program called the Youth Leadership Training Program which places guys who want to do youth ministry through three years of hands on learning in a church as well as schooling towards getting their Masters degree. I am now in my third and final year of that program.

These past three years have flown by so fast. I feel like I have learned a vast amount of practical skills as I mentored under the youth pastor at MRBC. Each year I was given more responsibilities of preaching, teaching, mentoring students, discipleship, and planning and running events. Without this 3 year program I would definitely not be a youth pastor today. After seeing the stress of working in a church I would have not been prepared to handle it!

So this April I graduate and in September I am officially not an intern anymore. Who knows where God is going to lead me. That's part of the fun of life. Standing on the edge of a cliff that is that next big stage of your life. The cliff is so high and the fog is thick but trusting in God I am ready to run and jump off that cliff into my next adventure in life.


Laura E. said...

don't forget to put your shoot on! great blog entry bro!

MOBACH'S said...

you jump off that cliff!! you also have a way with words!

Anonymous said...

I think Laura means chute not a gun! more like a para...chute!!!
I say don't jum unless you can see SOMETHING!!! :o)
love you Andrew

mom said...

I meant jump!!! not jum...seriously who jum's these days!!!