Monday, January 11, 2010

Choosing to NOT Work Out

Lately it seems like there is alot of hype around going to the gym and working out and only eating natural healthy grass fed food. In my mind, this is absolutely ridiculous. What is the point of standing in an overheated gym waiting for your turn to lift things in different ways? Then stand for 5 minutes looking at yourself in the mirror. It doesn't compute in my mind why people would want to do that.

Eating right is also another pet peeve of mine. People spend so much time making sure they are eating organic free range vegetables and fruit and don't take time to simply enjoy food because it is delicious. Have a hamburger. Eat some nachos. Eat 3 pounds of wings. Wanna know why? Cause that food is delicious!

Here is my resolution for the year. I want to not step foot in a gym. Not that I am saying I approve being overweight or disgusting. But I don't think people should spend so much time in the gym just to get "ripped" or fit the mold of what our culture says is beautiful. I will be active playing sports and having fun but working out just to make sure I look good is stupid.

I also resolve to eat any type of food I want. Not saying I wont eat fruits and vegetables but McDonalds is amazing and I plan on having a fair share of quarter pounders this year! Eat food simply because it is good, not because it is organic or super healthy. Just enjoy it!

So who's with me? Who wants to enjoy life how they are? Who wants to start the Andrew Eby life program?

(F.Y.I. - If you have heart disease or diabetes I don't recommend joining this revolution!)


Laura E. said...

the Andrew Eby life program hey! you crack me up! i promise to never feed you veggies again!

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